Carbon Offset Credit Platform

Green Alberta Energy is proud to offer a Carbon Offset Credit Platform designed specifically for small solar microgenerators in Alberta! As a small microgenerator, this is an opportunity for you to improve the return on your solar investment by being paid for the carbon offset credits generated by your solar PV system.
Participation in our Carbon Offset Credit Platform is easy! In just three easy steps, you can be on the way to generating and selling your carbon credits.
  1. Choose either a fixed price or variable price and register using the online form. Our aggregators will assess your enrollment and determine if you qualify to participate.*
  2. Run your system as normal until the verification period, at which point your credits will be verified and serialized for trading on the open market.
  3. Receive your first annual payment for your carbon credits!
* Eligibility is based on ownership of the credits, and that the credits have not been sold to any other party by way of certain financial incentives applied for and received at time of installation.
Solar Club
Our Solar club is a unique loyalty program designed specifically for small solar micro-generators in Alberta's deregulated market. Members get access to exclusive High and Low export electricity rates, cash back on all energy imported from the grid, and free Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) offsets equivalent to 50% of the energy imported.
Now with our Carbon Offset Credit Platform, Members can truly maximize the value of their solar PV systems!
Variable Price
You will be paid based on market prices per carbon credit.
Market Price minus Commission Costs (10-year term)
Variable Price
You will be paid based on market prices per carbon credit.
Market Price minus Costs with $20 Floor Price (8-year term)
Fixed Price
You will be paid at a fixed price per carbon credits.
$28 per credit minus Commission Costs (8-year term)
Frequently Asked Questions
What is a carbon offset credit?
A carbon credit (aka carbon offset) is a tradable certificate that represents a one-tonne reduction in or removal of carbon dioxide or carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e). Carbon credits are generated from projects, such as your solar system, that prevent emissions that would have taken place without the project.
How many credits will my system generate?
System generation will depend on several factors (panel tilt, number of sunshine hours, etc.) so the figures below are approximates based on ideal generation conditions:
  • 1 credit for every 2,000 kWh (i.e. a system that generates 10,000 kWh annually will earn approximately 5 credits)
  • For every 1 kW in nameplate capacity, your system will generate approximately 0.7 credits (i.e. a 10 kW system will generate approximately 7 credits per year)
How much will I make per credit on a variable price?
Carbon is a commodity, and the market price is based on demand and supply. As the market price for carbon changes, your annual return from the program will adjust accordingly. Our Carbon Offset Credit Platform provides system owners with a market sale rate for carbon credits. As a Producer, you will be paid the market price per credit minus a commission fee (see "What are 'Commission Costs'?" for more information) over the 10-year period.
For context, in 2022, the sale price of a carbon credit in the Alberta market can reach up to $50 (the current ceiling price set by the Alberta Government).
How much will I make per credit on a fixed price?
Our fixed price for carbon credits is $28. As a Producer, you will be paid $28 per credit minus a 40% commission. This price has been deemed fair given the fluctuations in the market risk over the 8-year period.
For more Frequently Asked Questions, please visit our FAQ page here.
For more information, please read the terms of the Carbon Credit Renewable Energy Contract or you can visit the sites listed below. You can also contact our Customer Care team by
  • Phone: (403) 726-9694
  • Email:
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