Green Your Business

More and more, Albertans want to support companies doing their best to protect the environment. Show your customers that your brand is environmentally conscious and investing in Alberta's clean energy future by greening all or part of your energy consumption.
Many companies, international and local, big and small are getting involved in renewable energy. You can too!
Greening Your Business: How It Works
It is simple to get started on the road to a greener business. The process requires no operational changes. Just follow these three simple steps.
Although not mandatory, businesses can choose to sign up for service with one of the local Community Retailers in Alberta offering green options in partnership with Green Alberta Energy. Reasons to switch.
Not sure how much of your energy consumption you want to green? Check out our green energy calculator below to help you estimate how much it will cost to go green.
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Green Energy Calculator
Our green energy calculator is a tool that can help you estimate what it will cost you to reduce your company's carbon footprint. Just type in your typical electricity usage per month and the percentage of your consumption you want to green.
Estimate Your Electricity Consumption
Small to Medium Sized Business
1,500 kWh/month - 4,000 kWh/month
This is how much it costs to add green energy.
$0.00 / Month
$0.00 / Day
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