Light Up Alberta

With Micro Generation Solar plants located all over Alberta we can "light up our province".

Light Up Alberta
Alberta has a wealth of imaginative and environmentally sensitive people, plus 2,223 Solar PV systems (21.9 MW of capacity) installed in the province with bi-directional meters, capable of shipping and measuring surplus electricity that is sent back onto the grid. What if we had 20,000 solar electricity installations all over Alberta?
Birth of a Good Idea
2011: We believed in paying Micro-Generators a reasonable price for the surplus green electricity, that is produced from their PV Solar systems and shipped onto the grid. The program helped green their local neighborhood and the premium we were paying micro generators also encouraged other individuals to install solar as a renewable energy source. Unfortunately program was temporarily halted by the previous government in 2014. But we are back.
2015: With the launch of Green Alberta Energy the original program is being given new life. A premium on electricity shipped back onto the grid is now being jointly financed by independent energy providers in Alberta and Green Alberta Energy.
Virtual Power Plants
The concept of Virtual Power Plants (VPP), adopted in other parts of the world, aggregates small generators and the power is sold into the grid when the spot market is high enough. The Light Up Alberta program was the first step towards this goal, as we focus on building a network of participating micro generators located in every community in Alberta.
We have virtual metering technology and an automated billing system already installed that will compensate Micro-Generators fairly for the energy that is produced and electricity that is shipped back onto the grid. We now need a government willing to promote and invest in creating VPP and storage solutions.
Green Credits
Green Alberta Energy is purchasing the green credits produced from a number of Micro-Generators that are shipping green energy back onto the grid. The credits are being banked in a Green Energy Trust Fund, together with BioEnergy RECs. These green credits have been purchased for resale to consumers around Alberta, who truly believe in greening the grid and want to help offset the equivalent amount of electricity produced by fossil fuels.
Alberta's Fossil Free Energy Plants
Our Future is Green
Alberta is fortunate to have a number of existing co-generation facilities, wind, hydro, biomass installed generation plants in the province. And as we add more and more micro generation VPP to the mix, we will change the map of Alberta. Each time a new VPP joins our network another pin will be added to the map. Eventually and together, just like the Hummingbird story we will Light Up Alberta with green renewable energy sources. Together we can.
If you are a Micro-Generator in Alberta and want to sign up to the our "Future is Green" program, please contact
Please Note: Those individuals who receive funding through Energy Efficiency Alberta's Residential and Commercial Solar Program (RCSP) are not eligible for the Light Up Alberta program. Those who have received funding through the RCSP cannot sell the environmental attributes generated through their PV solar system as they are kept by Energy Efficiency Alberta. For more information click here. We disagree with this policy and will make an effort to make exceptions for any customers of one of our Energy Marketers. We continue to lobby the government to allow Light Up Alberta to support this renewable energy program.