Solar Club™ Loyalty Program
Alberta has a wealth of imaginative and environmentally sensitive people. The amount of Solar systems installed in the province is on the rise. How can we encourage even more micro-generation investment in the province?
We believe in paying micro-generators a reasonable price for the surplus green electricity they produce and ship back to the grid. To encourage more Albertans to invest in solar systems we have introduced the Solar Club™ Loyalty Program.
The program was designed specifically to help small solar micro-generators earn a premium on their solar electricity and help further green Alberta's electricity grid.
To qualify for all of benefits included in this Solar Club™ package, you must be a micro-generator in Alberta and make a donation to your local foodbank.
Included in the Solar Club™ Package
Special Rates
Choose from exclusive electricity rates designed specifically for solar micro-generators.
Flexible Rate Plans
Switch between a High Export Rate and Low Export Rate with just 10 days notice to accommodate seasonal generation fluctuations.
Achieve 10% Renewable TODAY!
We will offset up to 10% of the electricity you import from the grid, FREE!
Earn Cash Back
Earn 2.0% cash back on all energy imported from the grid on an annual basis.
Exclusive Solar Club™ Electricity Rates
Electricity rates designed for small solar micro-generators who are on a bi-directional cumulative meter.
Solar Club™ members can switch between these two rates at any time with just 10 days notice, penalty free to accommodate seasonal generation fluctuations.
High Export Rate
30.00 ¢/kWh
*Designed for solar micro-generators exporting more electricity to the grid than they are importing.
*Please look for Membership Group 018 when signing up.
Low Export Rate
11.45 ¢/kWh
*Designed for solar micro-generators importing more electricity from the grid than they are exporting.
*Please look for Membership Group 018 when signing up.
To join the Solar Club™ Loyalty Program you must be signed up as a customer of one of the participating local Community Retailers in our network.
How It Works
The Solar Club™ is a non-government program created to help increase the earning potential of micro-generators. It was designed for residential, farm, and small commercial customers who are both importing and exporting electricity to the grid.
What is Micro-generation?
Micro-generation is the production of electricity on a small scale, using renewable and alternative energy sources. Energy sources are typically solar and wind that are generated by individual home owners and small businesses, as well as municipal and community buildings to meet their electricity needs.
Micro-generators receive credits for the electricity they produce but do not consume. Small micro-generators, sized under 150 kilowatts, are credited for the electricity sent back to the grid on a monthly basis at their retail rate.
In 2016, the Micro-generation Regulation was amended to provide more flexibility for rules on how Albertans can generate electricity. Changes include increasing the size limit of a micro-generation system to 5 megawatts from 1 megawatt and allowing a micro-generating system to serve adjacent sites.