Renewable Energy Analytics

Over 17% of the installed Market Capacity of generation in Alberta is from Renewables.

The installation of grid-connected solar PV systems is growing rapidly in Alberta.
Today 2223 Solar Units Installed in Alberta
2012 355 Solar Units Installed in Alberta
2010 122 Solar Units Installed in Alberta
Alberta now ranks third in Canada for installed wind energy capacity.
Today 1491 MW Maximum Capacity
2010 724 MW Maximum Capacity
2005 276 MW Maximum Capacity
2000 24 MW Maximum Capacity
Wind represents 9% of Alberta's total generation.
Alberta hydro electric facilities represent 6% of the Market Capacity of installed generation.
Currently, there is 902 MW of potential generation in Alberta.
Biomass and Other
In Alberta, there is a Market Capacity of 428 MW of renewable energy available that can be produced from Biomass and other eco-friendly resources. This represents 2.5% of the generation capacity in the province.
In other world markets, investment in Biomass generation is dramatically increasing with the USA outpacing world markets. It is an important renewable resource and an affordable resource we can harness.