Frequently Asked Questions

No. We have no affiliation with the Government of Alberta. All of our programs are privately funded and we do not receive any subsidies whatsoever. Looking for Energy Efficiency Alberta? Click here.
Wondering how we fund our programs without government help? Take a look.
Not exactly. When you green a percentage of your electricity consumption, we purchase and retire Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) on your behalf. Once electricity is generated and placed on the grid, it is impossible to tell which electrons were generated through renewable energy and which were generated using conventional methods. We purchase RECs equivalent to your consumption. Your purchase guarantees that clean, renewable energy is being placed onto the electric grid, raising the percentage of renewable energy used overall.
In order to green a percentage of your home or farm's electricity consumption, you must sign up for service with one of the Energy Marketers affiliated with Green Alberta Energy. When you sign up, there will be an option on the online sign up form to green all or some of your electricity consumption. Already a customer of one of our Energy Marketers? Login to My Account and identify how much you would like to green.
Yes. Albertans who wish to green their business operations, event, or other special occasion can contact our Customer Care Team by phone at (403) 726.9694 or by email ( specifying how many RECs you would like to purchase.
You are in control. Let us know the percentage of your monthly consumption that you want to green and we will apply this percentage to your actual billed consumption (kWh multiplied by the percentage you want to green). Green energy costs 1.66 cents/kWh. Use our handy green calculator to estimate how much this will mean for you.
As an example, if an average residential consumer uses 600 kWh per month and greens 25% of their monthly consumption, it would cost about 8 cents per day.
You can choose to green as much of your electricity consumption as you want from 5% all the way up to 100%. Just green what you can afford, every little bit helps. If you choose a special “Green Rate” that has a minimum percentage requirement for green energy, you must green at least the percentage of electricity specified to qualify for the rate.
Biomass RECs are purchased by Green Alberta Energy from Howe Sound Pulp and Paper Corporation, Port Mellon, BC.
Yes. Micro-generators in Alberta are eligible to receive an additional 1 cent/kWh on electricity exported to the grid through our Light Up Alberta program.
Micro-generation is the production of electricity on a small scale, using renewable and alternative energy sources. Energy sources are typically solar and wind that are generated by individual home owners and small businesses, as well as municipal and community buildings to meet their electricity needs.
Micro-generators receive credits for the electricity they produce but do not consume. Small micro-generators, sized under 150 kilowatts, are credited for the electricity sent back to the grid on a monthly basis at their retail rate. Learn more.
Those who have received funding through the RCSP cannot sell the environmental attributes generated through their PV solar system as they are kept by Energy Efficiency Alberta. For more information click here. We disagree with this policy and will make an effort to make exceptions for any customers of one of our Energy Marketers.